What To Visit In Tunisia? The 5 Must-See Destinations!

What To Visit In Tunisia? The 5 Must-See Destinations!

Most Americans would have a difficult time finding Tunisia on a map, but it is right across from Italy in North Africa.  Tunisia is a safe country but there are parts you will want to avoid, mainly the area that borders Libia. But do not let that persuade you to miss this beautiful country.  Tunisia!  This beautiful land is made of so many diverse cities, mountains, dunes in relief, and paradisiacal beaches that a visit to this beautiful country will undoubtedly offer an enchanted vacation! Here is our list entitled: What to see in Tunisia? The five must-see destinations! 
Use it to plan your holidays and visit this beautiful small country of sunshine!


1. Visit Carthage and Sidi Bou Said

We chose to put these two authentic places in Tunisia together given the proximity of one to the other!


You will see a beautiful view there! It is the city of Queen Dido founded more than 2800 years ago! What to visit in Carthage:


Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, this archaeological site is a treasure. Spectacular ruins testify to the Punic and Roman eras.

Taking a tour guide is not necessary unless you want someone to accompany you to give you the facts about everything you see along the way and show you around the somewhat scattered ruins.


The beautiful historic cathedral of Carthage, also called the Acropolium, taking place a little high up, is no longer used for religious purposes but rather for shows, opera, and concerts. The interior perfectly combines several styles, between European, Byzantine and Arabic, with beautiful colours in the windows! We advise you to go for a short walk on the first floor and then go to the roof! A truly magnificent view.


It is the resting place for nearly 3,000 Americans who gave their lives in a traumatic war. There is a chapel, several fountains and a mosaic map that shows the main battles fought during the Second World War.

Blue and white are two beautiful, harmoniously married colours of this village. A visit here cannot be completed without tasting the famous sugar doughnuts or visiting the craftsmen of this village who exhibit their artisanal creations.


To discover one of the most inspiring views that Tunis has to offer, we strongly recommend a good mint tea at the Café des Délices de Sidi Bou Said at sunset! Go there with your partner, and savour every moment in this magical little corner! Restaurants in beautiful locations overlooking the Mediterranean offer a pleasant atmosphere, good food and impeccable service. 

2- Travel to the Island of Djerba

It is Tunisia’s favorite tourist destination and one of the most popular! A swimmer’s paradise, dozens of Kilometers of the beach are available to sink your toes in the sand with much sun, hospitality, nature and fresh air at your disposal, you cannot help to enjoy your vacation.

Starting with the synagogue of Ghriba and then towards Houmt Souk or Djerba explorers, you have a dozen interesting activities to do on this island with a rich history. You can discover the culture and customs of marriages and traditional circumcisions during your tour at the Guellela museum or visit the fish market blending in with the crowd and buying your first fish at auction!


3. Travel to the Tozeur desert

Famous for its palm trees and the production of dates, this region of southern Tunisia is worth the detour, especially Douz, the “gateway to the Sahara”. A trip to the Tunisian desert is one of the most memorable experiences this country has to offer!

In terms of excursions, Tunisia offers a just impeccable quality/price ratio compared to its neighboring countries with guides who perfectly master the cultural and traditional fields of the region, not to mention the mastery of the natural and geographical character as well as a support for irreproachable travelers.

The sunsets and sunrises are some of the most breathtaking scenery in this magnificent destination and the desert night sky explodes each night in an abundance of stars, galaxies, nebulae and shooting stars that require no telescope, just your eyes! Stop at several Berber houses and enjoy the local hospitality! You might even be able to make Berber bread and bake it on a hot stone!

Do not miss the experience of spending two or three days in the Tozeur desert, it is well worth it! A visit to the location where the fictional planet Tatooine was filmed in the original Star Wars movie may appeal to some Star Wars fanatics.

What To Visit In Tunisia? The 5 Must-See Destinations!

Tunisia offers many wonderful opportunities to explore hidden gems.

4. Discover Hammamet

Unmissable and amply deserves its place on this list. The very authentic Medina is beautifully maintained with its beautiful alleys of typical Tunisia, and the atmosphere is really pleasant. A beautiful historic centre and an attractive Kasbah from the 12th century.


Expect fine examples of architecture, beautiful house facades, bustling souks and plenty of shops, where you could do your shopping. Very good restaurants in the city offer Mediterranean cuisine, and fish and seafood are very delicious at fair prices, to be honest. The port of Yasmine, or “La marina” as it is called south of Hammamet, has dozens of cafes, restaurants and hotels. It is the area that attracts the most tourists in the region.


A nice relaxing walk on the marina quay at the end of the evening under the lights of the port, nothing better than to evacuate stress and end the day in style!


5. Visit the Ancient City of Dougga 

Dougga is not only a well-preserved archaeological site but also one of the most beautiful sites in Tunisia and North Africa!


A visit to this site would undoubtedly be memorable for lovers of ancient cultures and history. It only takes a few steps in this ancient city to immerse yourself in a 2000-year-old Roman civilization where prosperity and abundance reigned. An impressive amphitheatre, baths, a huge temple, a market, a gymnasium and almost the entire Roman city in a very good state of preservation.


A good guide will be an essential companion for those in search of authenticity. The latter will take you back in time and help you reveal all the hidden secrets in this piece of land full of stories. A visit takes about 2-3 hours for a good memorable experience! A visit to do during your stay in Tunisia for history lovers or fanatics of the Roman era.


Our Final Word

Tunisia is a bit off the beaten path, but do not let that stop you.  It offers wonderful beaches as well as deserts, vibrant cities and ancient monuments.  You will not be disappointed if you visit this north African country.


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