Aboard World Navigator and sister vessels, guests can unwind after a day filled with fun and adventure. After they spend a day exploring the port cities and hiking the trails or riding the waves off the coast, the SeaSpa by L’OCCITANE is waiting to greet them.

The spa is a part of a greater community of activities that encourages health and well-being. Passengers who like to keep a strict workout regimen can easily access the fitness center on this deck. When they’re done, they can walk across the way for a session of relaxation at the spa. A quick sit in the sauna might just do the trick. But if they want more, several treatments are available. The SeaSpa by L’OCCITANE consists of two treatment rooms, one sauna and a serenity room with seven loungers with a view of the ocean.

Expeditions often leave travelers weary and sore. Guests aboard our ships can revitalize for the next day’s journey with a spa at sea. Guests get to choose from a selection of relaxing massages to ease tension and rebalance the body. It’s the perfect way to feel rejuvenated after a day of exploration.

L’OCCITANE en Provence massages combine the best techniques from around the world to create an exclusive experience that will leave any traveler feeling refreshed and renewed. They understand the harmonious connection between mind, body and energy. That’s why their add-on experience is dedicated to a holistic approach to health and well-being. To ensure the highest quality and service for these treatments and amenities, cruise ship spa therapists are required to undergo quarterly training.

SeaSpa by L’OCCITANE will also offer several facial treatments. The combination of soothing products with expert face massages ensures passengers an experience that will leave them feeling re-energized and radiant. When you look your best, you feel your best. That’s why SeaSpa by L’OCCITANE has a facial treatment for every passenger and every skin type.

L’OCCITANE en Provence only uses natural and organic products. Herbal, essential oils give spa guests a fragrant experience that takes them through the natural beauty of Provence, France.

The SeaSpa by L’OCCITANE adds to our concept of overall well-being by engaging in pure human connection. The different cruise ship spa treatments are all performed by skilled therapists. Together with the use of natural products made with plant extracts, guests are guaranteed an experience that will leave them feeling balanced in their physical, mental and emotional health.

SeaSpa by L’OCCITANE products. (photo via Atlas Ocean Voyages)

Guests who want more L’OCCITANE en Provence amenities and bath products can find them included in every room, so they can pamper themselves with aromas like verbena, lavender or honey, among the brand’s signature scents. Soaps and lotions made with these scents, as well as jasmine, bergamot and sweet orange, are meant to evoke the sensation of the best of the brand’s homeland.

Welcome to the SeaSpa by L’OCCITANE. Relax and enjoy a refreshing session of comfort to keep you going throughout your expedition.