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eco-friendly solid surfaces on bar counter from TREND design

With a core mission at TREND of enhancing surfaces with natural, timeless, and sustainable beauty, the processes, products, and installations are all built around eco-friendly principles and practices by design. Having invented the ‘Top that fits on Top’, TREND has helped to re-utilise existing structures and re-surface existing spaces, recycling waste materials and reducing landfill. The whole concept of refacing rather than replacing kitchen and bathroom worktops and fittings is an example of ‘green’ thinking at its best. In addition, the materials used in this system are consciously designed to have a reduced impact on the environment.

a Top that fits on Top surface solution by TREND in bathroom

Image credit: TREND Group

Awareness of the environment and an anti-waste mindset starts with the raw materials. Only 30 to 40 per cent of a quarry’s output is normally used to produce tiles or solid slabs, with the remaining 60 to 70 per cent usually considered waste. TREND uses this ‘by-product’ to produce its engineered stone surfaces.

Continually working on innovative surface solutions, the etherium By E-Stone solid surfaces are made with up to 72 per cent recycled glass. TREND was the first company to combine recycled beer, wine, and mineral water bottles with polymer technology. Today, the company uses 7.5 million tons of recycled glass each year, greatly reducing their carbon emissions.

The sustainable story continues with the glass mosaics. Whilst employing centuries old artisan techniques TREND makes use of modern technology to make their products as environmentally friendly as possible. Their signature blue glass for example is made from upcycled SKYY Vodka bottles.

a hand full of recycled blue glass chips used to make TREND surfaces

Image credit: TREND Group

The company also carries the same eco principles through to manufacture, using 3 – 5 times less water, energy, and raw materials than any other rival company as well as producing 22% less waste material and 20 per cent fewer polluting emissions. Every part of the process is considered, and because the finished product is much lighter and thinner than solid pieces of granite, marble, or quartz, they are much easier to transport and install, helping to reduce its carbon footprint even further.

With all these elements taken into consideration, it is clear why TREND products carry full LEED accreditation and are Greenguard certified. Sustainable, environmentally safe on every level, versatile and beautiful, TREND products are proof that being eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean compromising design values.

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Main image credit: TREND Group

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