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Whether you are just visiting Beijing for a few days with a Cathay Pacific flight or are planning a trip to China for years, you will want to know the top Beijing travel tips. These tips will help you enjoy your stay in Beijing as much as possible. Here are a few:

Subways are the best form of public transportation

Despite the smog and traffic, Beijing’s subway system is the fastest and most convenient way to get around downtown. Travelers are often surprised by the low cost of a subway trip in China. In fact, they can be cheaper than a taxi.

Beijing is a huge city. The subway system is growing, and more lines are being built all the time. Travelers should use the subway if they are traveling long distances. If you are traveling during rush hour, you should use the subway to avoid traffic.

Most subway stations are under a street or a building. There are usually shops and food stands in the stations. Some of the newer stations have cross platform transfers. A subway ticket is about the same price as a taxi ride. If you have a smartkart, you can use the card to pay for your ride.

Beijing’s subway system is the most crowded in the world. However, you can avoid the crowds by walking to the subway stations. If you want to travel to Beijing’s airport, consider the Airport Express. It is a fast, convenient and inexpensive way to get to the airport. It costs about 25 yuan, or $3.50.

Beijing subways have a large number of stations. Each has four exits in four directions. Getting on and off the subway is easy. The trains are wheelchair friendly. The stations are clean and spacious. The trains are fast and reliable. Whether you are traveling downtown or to the suburbs, the subway will get you to your destination in a jiffy.

Don’t drink the tap water

Whether you are traveling to Beijing, China or anywhere else in the world, it is important to understand the importance of drinking safe water. Water is essential for human health, and access to safe water is a basic human right.

Many cities in China are experiencing a water crisis. Water is contaminated and unsafe, and factories continue to release harmful chemicals into the water supply. The government has made efforts to improve drinking water quality in China. There are filtration systems, which remove impurities, but they are costly and don’t remove all contaminants.

Luckily, there are companies that manufacture water purifiers and other equipment that can remove impurities and contaminants. If you don’t have access to a purifier, you can buy bottled water. A variety of brands offer filtered water, including Brita pitchers and pitchers for water coolers.

Some brands also offer added minerals that make the water taste better. Although this may be a better choice than tap water, it’s also more expensive than buying water at the supermarket.

A carbon filter can remove chlorine and odors, but it is not as effective at removing minerals. Adding minerals to the water can help improve its taste and remove contaminants, but it does not remove heavy metals or pesticides.

Another way to get drinkable water in China is to use bottled water. Some brands offer mineral water at a low price. You can buy bottled mineral water for as little as CNY 2.

Avoid the flocks of tourists

Despite being a big city, Beijing is a pretty safe place. Although the crime rate is not as high as in some parts of the world, pickpockets are still a problem. Traffic jams are also a problem. Fortunately, Beijing has a well-established public transport system that can get you to most of the major sights in no time at all.

The city is divided into 16 districts, each of which has its own railway station. You can take a bus or train to any of these stations. If you are on a tight budget, consider taking a cab from one of the many ride hailing applications. It is also possible to rent a car with a driver for a day.

The aforementioned subway system is also a great way to travel around the city. It is also the quickest and most economical way to get from one destination to the next. The Beijing subway has an impressively sized network of lines and stations. You can find trains to almost anywhere in Beijing. If you are staying in a hotel, you can hire a chauffeur to take you around town.

Taking a cab is also relatively inexpensive by international standards. Some hotels will hire a driver for up to Y-1,000 per day. As with public transportation, cabs can get jammed if you wait too long. In other words, the cab may be the best way to travel around Beijing.

Get a China visa ready for travel

Getting a China visa can be an overwhelming task. This is why it’s important to have a good understanding of the visa requirements. Fortunately, Travel Visa Pro can help you get your China visa application approved before you leave for China.

First, there are many different types of Chinese visas. You will need to determine which type you need, and the length of your stay. If you are planning to stay for more than six months, you will also need to submit a medical examination. If you are planning on taking a pet with you, you will need to get an animal health inspection certificate from the local Animal Health Office.

Next, you will need to fill out a Chinese visa application form. This should have two blank pages. You will also need to fill in the details of your arrival and departure flights. The visa application form should also include a recent passport photo.

You will also need to provide proof of hotel reservations. This can be an email or a letter on a company letterhead. It should include details of your stay in China and the reason for your visit.

Another must-have is an invitation letter. This will typically be issued by a unit in China. It can be in the form of a photocopy, or in a computer printout. It should be well-written, and contain clear information about the person you are inviting.

Avoid the pollution

During the past two decades, pollution in Beijing has decreased significantly. In addition, Beijing has made great strides in curbing vehicle emissions. However, high concentrations of PM2.5 can cause serious problems for the health of the city’s residents.

In order to improve the city’s air quality, Beijing officials have launched an air pollution control campaign. They have implemented strict laws and enforcement mechanisms, as well as comprehensive measures to stop pollution at the source.

Beijing has been a leader in the fight against vehicle emissions. Since 1999, researchers in Beijing have been continuously measuring ambient PM2.5 concentrations. They have found that the concentrations of PM2.5 are below the national ambient air quality standards in Beijing.

The annual average PM2.5 concentration in Beijing has decreased by 35% and 28% respectively, from 2013. In addition, Beijing has made great progress in encouraging electric mobility. Currently, Beijing’s electric vehicles account for about three percent of the total vehicle population.

In the past two decades, Beijing’s sulphur dioxide concentration has also decreased by ninety percent. The annual average SO2 concentration has reached less than ten ug*m-3.

In order to reduce air pollution, Beijing officials have launched another air pollution control campaign. This time, they are aiming to reduce the number of heavy pollution days by 25%. They will also take steps to turn Beijing into a coal-free city.

In addition to focusing on repairing degraded ecosystems, the Beijing Action Plan also included efforts to provide cleaner fuels for home use. The plan also focused on restructuring industry to reduce emissions.

Get an in-depth Great Wall hiking or photography tour

Getting an in-depth Great Wall hiking or photography tour in Beijing is an experience that should not be missed by travelers visiting this capital city. It offers visitors a chance to enjoy the beauty of the city and learn about its history.

There are a number of Great Wall hiking tours available to travelers, both in Beijing and elsewhere in China. However, if you want to get an authentic Great Wall experience, you should book a tour that focuses solely on the Great Wall. Whether you choose a hiking or photography tour, be sure to read reviews and do your homework before booking.

The Great Wall is a massive ancient structure spanning several provinces of northern China. It has a history of over two thousand years and is considered a wonder of the world. It is not just a piece of architecture; it also features military defensive constructions and watchtowers that reflect the glory of the past.

The Great Wall is composed of several sections, each of which has their own unique characteristics. One of the more popular Great Wall hiking excursions is to the Gubeikou section.

Gubeikou is the only section of the wall that is located next to a lake. This is a great location for a hike, and offers an overnight sleeping experience. If you’re planning to hike the wall, it is a good idea to buy anti-skid sneakers, as some parts of the wall can be slippery.

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