Top 5 Reasons to Get SkyTouch Cloud Hotel PMS


When it comes to what is important to your bottom line, SkyTouch Hotel OS® (cloud hotel PMS) delivers what you need, from wherever you are. From sales, staff management, guest services, marketing, and tracking features to an in-depth selection of reports, our platform helps you streamline your operations and maximize your revenue.

Quick to Implement. Simple to learn. Simple to Use. Using decades of research and innovation, SkyTouch Hotel OS® (hotel property management) delivers a product that is rich in features and yet easy to use. From implementation to training, your OS will be ready for use in 1-2 day. Our experienced training staff, combined with intuitive technology, allows new users to learn, test, and start using in as little as one day.

Security You Need
SkyTouch Hotel OS® supports thousands of hotels’ PCI DSS needs by centralizing the security management of the PMS. Our web-based system eliminates the worry of a security breach of an on premises PMS. SkyTouchTM handles the physical security of the servers, vulnerability management and penetration testing of the PMS, along with 24/7/365 monitoring of your service.

Proven Reliable
The SkyTouch Hotel OS® platform is a proven cloud-based solution serving more than 5,500 hotels for more than 50,000 users around the world. With a documented 99.94% uptime, our web-based system is equipped to provide scalability and reliability to hotels of any size.

Global Reach
Designed for worldwide use, our cloud-based system is in use by over 5,500 hotels around the world in multiple languages and reflecting regional differences. Simply check your language of choice and your system will be customized for your diverse business needs – including reports and guest services. Our commitment to service and support extends to global reporting requirements and local taxation compliance.

100% Web Based
Developed over a decade ago as a cloud-based system, SkyTouch Hotel OSTM was initially implemented as a low cost solution for economy hotels. With a great deal of research and development, our platform has adapted and expanded to a true, web-based solution for hotels of all sizes. With our cloud-based program, there is no on-site hardware or software to buy or maintain and no worries of security. Your customized system can be easily accessed through an internet connection and even through your mobile device with no need for special apps.

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