Thousands of sharks caught and produced, some might journey to Cape Cod

Catching and releasing thousands of sharks? Quint would have been superior at this.

Though the “Jaws” captain would have had to lay off the Narragansett lager and focus on the science.

Most likely it can be best that he wasn’t involved in the 2021 Large Coastal Shark Base Longline Survey, a 47-working day endeavor by scientists from the Northeast Fisheries Science Center’s Apex Predators Method, element of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

According to a NOAA push release, the study captured nearly 2,500 from 11 different shark species along a extend of the Atlantic coast from Fort Pierce, Florida to the North Carolina/Virginia border.

A white shark alongside a vessel, captured by longline and being reeled in for tagging and release during the 2021 Coastal Shark Survey.

“It is really a fairly intensive procedure,” stated Shelley Dawicki, science writer and communications professional for the Northeast Fisheries Science Centre. Scientists chartered the Eagle Eye II, a fishing boat out of Fairhaven, for the survey and lived aboard the boat for extensive stretches from April 12 to May 28, in accordance to Dawicki.

Fishermen aboard the boat assistance scientists catch the sharks using the longline strategy, exactly where a number of hooks can be put on a prolonged fishing line.