Technology helps St. Lucia hotels get eco-certification

Three properties in St. Lucia’s Bay Gardens Resorts portfolio have been recertified “Green Globe Gold” and have earned the Green Globe Gold Certified designation, which requires that properties be “certified” five consecutive years with continuous improvement in audit scores.

Located on St. Lucia’s Rodney Bay, Bay Gardens Resorts earned Green Globe Gold Certification through such initiatives as installation of LED lighting, removal of single-use plastics, and installation of Lodging Technology’s Gem Link Wireless occupancy sensors in all guestrooms to reduce heating, ventilation and air conditioning energy consumption 42 percent. 

As part of these efforts, Bay Gardens Resorts executive director Sanovnik Destang participates in the “farm to table” Virtual Agricultural Clearing House program that sources locally grown fruits and vegetables instead of imported produce. This program has increased restaurant revenue between 10 and 20 percent.

John Centeno of Caribbean Energy Savers provided and coordinated the installation of Gem Link Wireless energy management controls at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort, Bay Gardens Inn and Bay Gardens Hotel. “Gem Link brings a unique advantage to the Caribbean hotelier as many of these hotels are fitted with a wide variety and different brands of high wall mini-split units,” he said. “The versatility of Gem Link offers a distinct advantage in that one system can connect to and control any HVAC unit, of any voltage, of any age, with any type thermostat.”

“We are pleased that Gem Link Wireless was selected by Bay Gardens Resorts several years ago as a means to significantly reduce energy expense and carbon footprint,” said William Fizer, president of Lodging Technology.