Kennebunkport ME Colony Hotel to be ‘part of the community’

Penni Schewe

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine — When it comes to large hotels, such as The Colony, which looks majestic from Ocean Avenue, residents in a community often feel apart from them, as though such destinations seem to be for rich tourists only.

John Martin, a managing partner at The Colony, said he once experienced this sense of distance firsthand. Martin said he once suggested to his wife that they visit a local hotel for a drink while they were visiting a community in Massachusetts early in their marriage.

“We can’t go in there,” his wife said.

To which Martin replied, “Of course we can go in there. It’s a hotel.”

That’s the way people think when it comes to big hotels, Martin said. They think they’re off limits to everyone except those who can afford to stay there. When it comes to The Colony, though, major efforts are underway to change that mistaken mindset — to make the historic hotel become “more a part of the community,” Martin said.

Swing by to stroll, sip coffee, or shop

The first phase of a major redevelopment of The Colony could begin as early as Nov. 1 and is slated to be finished in about two years, according to Martin.

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