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Jeff Bezos, Branson attended Kentucky Derby Gala in advance of room flight


Civilian space vacation took a huge leap upward this month as two of the world’s richest people slipped the surly bonds of earth in their have personalized flightcraft.   

On July 11, Virgin CEO Richard Branson blasted off into suborbital space via his organization Virgin Galactic, though Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket invested 11 minutes in suborbital room on July 20.

It was while seeing the cowboy hat-clad Bezos crawl out of his room pod that we recognized we might found both equally these higher-traveling billionaires dancing among the stars somewhere a minimal closer to home.

And that place was correct listed here in Louisville. 

Both of those Bezos and Branson have been visitors of Patricia Barnstable-Brown’s illustrious Kentucky Derby Eve Gala. This implies prior to the big shots blasted off in their historic flights toward the heavens, they danced amongst the stars at the earth-famed party held in Louisville.

“It was a blast having them at the bash. Hope they had a blast also,” Barnstable-Brown told the Courier Journal. “Jeff Bezos was all smiles and stayed until finally 1:30 in the early morning!”

Bezos attended the Barnstable-Brown Derby Eve Gala in 2019, the final time it was held just before staying canceled 2 times owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Branson was here in 2005. If you remember your horse races, that was the 131st managing of the Kentucky Derby when Giacomo, with jockey Mike Smith up, received the race as a 50-1 longshot.

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