Everything You Need To Know About The Good Beach Lagos

Everything You Need To Know About The Good Beach Lagos

the good beach

The Good beach Lagos is one of the latest beaches in Lagos. It is one of the newest hangout spots in Lagos. It is a toast to the good life in Lagos where you experience unique hospitality and serenity all at your fingertips. Since it was inaugurated in April 2022. It has been serving awesomeness to its adventurous visitors back to back.

Hence, the beach is a five-star tourist destination in Nigeria. It counts as one of the most beautiful waterfronts in the city of Lagos. Also, the experience at the coast is top-notch.

Let’s take you on a tour around this lovely beach in Lagos and why should visit this new secret location.

the good beach beach in lagos

Address of the Good beach

The Good beach is situated at Plot 10B, Water Corporation Road, Trinity Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos. It is located beside Oniru Beach and Landmark Beach.

Interesting Things to Do at The Good beach

It has incredible features that will excite you. The spotlights of the beach are;

Live Events at the Good Beach

The beach has played host to some events in Nigeria and live performances. Different events and take place at the beach from time to time. Guest artists and DJs are usually available to make your stay an enjoyable one.

Therefore, you do not miss out on the regular Lagos melodic vibes at The Good Beach Lagos.

Watch the tides of the coast

Sitting in cabins overlooking the coast or walking along the sandy beach reveals to you the wide expanse of land at the Good beach. You can gaze at nature’s fineness on the coast and also seize the opportunity to have a good time taking photographs and unwinding.

te good beach

Sunrise and sunset experience on the beach

The beach is open till midnight, therefore you can have enough time to relax at the beachfront to experience the sunset. Capture the awesome moments and add them to your experience list.

Take Beautiful Photos

The Good Beach is a picture-perfect spot and has one of the finest settings for pictures. Feel free to take those beautiful pictures.

Amenities at the Good beach

Restaurant and bar

One of the facilities available at this beach is a restaurant. Making your taste buds come alive is one of the assurances that the restaurant at The beach will give you. You can order tasty food and drinks while on the beach. Food like rice, pastries, beef, soft drinks, cocktails, fresh fruit juice and so on. It has also become one of the top restaurants in Lagos.

Furthermore, Good beach displays its menu selections on social media pages, you can check it out on Instagram via their Instagram handle.

Thus, you just have to know that you will be able to fill your belly with food but consider prices too.
To add to this, buying your meal is one of the things you can do immediately after you enter the beach. The restaurant is not so far from the entrance and there are free chairs to sit down which you can quickly grab the opportunity if you do not have enough money to pay for a tent.

Poolside huts

Poolside huts referred to as cabanas on the Good beach are similar to exotic resorts on the water. The pristine condition of the huts and their locations are perfect for a special day at the beach.

Therefore, you can select a space for intimacy with your partner or a spot for personal and family relaxation. One thing that stands the beach out from its competitors, it provides services for the entire family.

The Cabannas

Another facility available at the beach is the cabanas. Hence, you can hire one of the cabanas and lie on the rest and watch the tides or relax at the poolside.

The poolside huts at the Good beach give you that amazing experience. Prices of the seaside cabins vary from 35,000 nairas for visitors who require the spot from Monday to Thursday. However, on weekends the regular beach huts could go for as much as 50,000 nairas. Also, the top-rated cabins which have private pools and have a standard for providing quality hospitality services range from 160,000 nairas ( Weekdays) to 230,000 nairas (Weekends).

Swimming Pool

The Good Beach has a massive swimming pool which is one of the major attractions at this beach. The pool also has kids section where children ca swim under the supervision of an adult.

Water vessels

You can make use of boats and kayaks to tour the beach. Although this comes at an extra cost, however, you can reserve ahead of time or pay for on arrival at the beach. As a tourist, you will be guided on how to make your way through the beach.

the good beach

Gate fee at the Good beach

The gate fee at the Good beach is 4000 naira if you are visiting from Monday to Thursday and 3,000 if you are visiting any day from Friday to Sunday.

Also, the gate fee covers entry into the beach facility alone. Other activities you engage in or amenities you desire to use will be paid for. Besides, public holidays, festive periods or special events could mean high payment. Also, registered members at the beach club have extra benefits as well.

An ideal time to explore the Good beach

Weekdays could be ideal if you are a lover of a few populations at the beach. This is because the beach is not usually crowded on weekdays. Except there is a special event within the facility. Also, it is often crowded at the festive season/ public holidays.

However, if you desire to explore and have fun with other adventurous people like you, then you can opt for weekends when it is bubbling at the beach.

The Good beach club

The Good beach has a club that accommodates pre-registered members to enjoy premium perks and bonuses while using the facility. However, it comes at a cost which determines the number of individuals to be enrolled and also the duration of the membership plan at Good beach.

The policy for partners covers activities to be engaged in at the beach as well as amenities you can use. Some of the facilities include a swimming pool, tents, cabanas and many more.
Also, it allows you to create your pleasurable moment alone, with family or with your spouse at the Good beach.

Hence you can walk into the facility anytime as a registered partner and enjoy 10,000 nairas for individuals, 30,000 nairas for couples and 70,000 /175,000 for families ( depending on the group size).

Registration for the beach club membership can be done by sending a mail or visiting the beach website.

Activities to engage in at the Good beach

Water sports

The coasts at the Good beach are immaculate first and so enticing, although if you are not a great swimmer, you can do the following Kayaking, Jet Skiing, Boat cruise

The only individuals allowed to enjoy some of these water sports for free are partners of the Good beach club. You can do yourself a favour by signing up for premium bonuses offered at the facility. However, the prices of the water sports range from 5,000 to 10,000 naira depending on the duration you desire and the watercraft.


The adventure never ends at the Good Beach. You can just dive into the pool, either the private pools or large swimming pools for guests. Not to worry, there are lifeguards to guard you and prevent you from drowning. Also, choose sections of the pool you are comfortable in.

Relaxation by the pool

The tranquillity provided at the Good beach also comes with style and luxury, thus this is enough to spoil yourself silly with maximum enjoyment. You can lie down or sit by the pool in cabins and take time to reflect.

Moments on the beach

Creating fun moments at the beach is possible. You can play games, rest, take a walk, take photos, enjoy meals and drinks and learn a lot.

Whatever you engage in, your desire for entertainment is guaranteed throughout your stay.

Dining at the restaurant

The restaurant is readily available to serve you. Dining at the restaurant on the beach is just one of the many things you can do.

Live musical shows

Musical shows are the weekend highlights on the Good beach Lagos. It is a great time to unwind and dance. Also, an avenue to join other tourists in having a good time at the beach.

Events and parties

Reservations are allowed for mini parties and events taking place on the beach. Therefore, you can plan birthday parties, anniversaries and many more with an attendance of not more than a hundred guests.

Couples getaway or honeymoon

What more could you ask for, the beach provides the privacy you desire on the coasts. Therefore, you can spend the whole day reliving memories and renewing vows at the beach. Love lives in Lagos anyway and the serenity at the Good beach is just the perfect spot for you.

Personal tourism

A cultural tour of the Lagos waterfront is an excellent way to learn about Lagos and Nigeria. Also, you get to meet different people from all walks of life on your tour, ask questions and learn as much as possible.

Nights out at the Good beach

The Good beach is open till 2 am and could be a bit late during special occasions. Therefore, the activities continue there just the way you like it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get to the Good beach?

You can visit the beach by road, you can use Google maps for directions from your location. Also, you can utilise the services of cab drivers on the Island to take you there at a negotiated fee.

What year was the Good beach founded?

The Good beach was established in February 2022 and inaugurated officially on the 15th of April 2022.

When is the Good beach accessible to visitors?

You can tour the beach at any time depending on your choice. It opens from 8 pm to 2 am every day, the Good beach is open to guests. This excludes special events and celebrations when the beach could be open earlier or closed later than usual.

The beach has provisions for lounges where you can sit and enjoy delicious meals and drinks. Also, there are secluded tents for intimate moments across the seaside where you can have a nice time with loved ones.

Furthermore, on the beach, there are rests on the waterfront where you can relax and take moments to reflect over and over. The beach tents are constructed with shades and wooden platforms, on the sides, some curtains give you an exhibition of the blue surges and activities going on at the beach.

Q. Is food allowed at the Good beach?

A. Oh yes, food is only allowed at the Good beach on Mondays and Tuesdays as stated on the website of the beach. However, you can bring food in on any other day and pay a corkage of 1000 naira.

Also, you can use the restaurant facilities, order meals or buy sizzling barbecue from sellers at the beach.

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