DPA 4006 Microphone Survives Room Journey to Capture Audio From the Floor of Mars

Penni Schewe

Alleroed, Denmark – NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover touched down on the Red Earth very last week, with DPA Microphones alongside for the historic journey. Outfitted with DPA’s 4006 Omnidirectional Microphone, MMA-A Electronic Audio Interface and MMP-G Modular Active Cable, the rover offered the 1st appears from the surface area of Mars. 

Just after staying put through vigorous tests by NASA experts, the DPA tools, affixed to the Mars “Perseverance” Rover, officially released into house aboard the Atlas V-541 rocket in July 2020. More than the past seven months, the DPA tools has confronted force improvements whilst leaving Earth’s atmosphere and once again when coming into the Martian area, and severe temperatures — as lower as -100 Celsius/-148 Fahrenheit — on Mars. Furthermore, the DPA equipment has endured the massive vibrations brought on by the rocket launch and subsequent landing on Mars.

“It is an honor to have been selected for this place mission, and we are so happy by the benefits,” says DPA Item Manager René Mørch. “Everything about the mission — from the start to the landing — is hostile insofar as a microphone is usually worried. It is pretty fascinating to know that DPA was in a position to history anything from so numerous tens of millions of miles absent, and have the audio vacation again to us so immediately. We are proud to have labored with NASA for these a historic and critical mission. To have been equipped to supply audio from the area of Mars is truly a crowning achievement.”

Soon after the rover touched down on the Crimson Planet, audio and video information had been recorded from the surface area and transmitted to NASA’s base station. As however an additional illustration of the shut collaboration among DPA and NASA, the initial audio documents were despatched to DPA’s engineering staff for processing, and subsequently back to NASA for final analyzing and publishing. Next various times of evaluation, the crew was pleased not only to obtain that the toughness of the DPA mic authorized it to endure area vacation, but also that the audio captured was as extraordinary as anticipated.

In accordance to Mørch, the skill of DPA items to execute adhering to the rigors of room vacation was considered paramount to NASA’s selection of the solution. “With precision engineering and craftsmanship at the coronary heart of our manufacturing process, the 4006 microphone and related components furnished the robustness vital to not only survive place journey, but also capture sounds from the area,” he describes. “Additionally, these goods will keep on being in room indefinitely, which is a testament to the excellent and resiliency of our development.”

Although other missions to Mars have furnished seismic soundwaves from the earth, this expedition marks the 1st time the entire world has expert a correct audio capture of its surface area. With large winds, skinny air pressure and particularly lower temperatures of the best considerations, the ruggedness and toughness of the DPA gear has as soon as yet again proven its value on this mission.

When one might anticipate gear aboard a place mission to be unique and objective-built for interplanetary journey, the DPA gear on the Mars Perserverance Rover characteristics off-the-shelf elements. While the layout of the microphone amplifier and chassis of the MMA-A each needed modifications in purchase to be affixed to the rover, the mechanics of the gadgets are exactly the exact as these discovered in just about every DPA solution.

“The whole building of the tools was analyzed rigorously for the duration of the rover assembly system,” explains Mørch. “It was throughout this method that the DPA solution proved its usefulness to the mission, earning it a coveted spot on the historic rover. To me, the point that these are manufacturing facility standard factors is a very clear testament to the top quality and sturdiness of the machines we manufacture.” 

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