Complete Guide to Camping in El Chalten, Argentinian Patagonia


El Chaltén is a small mountain village in Argentinian Patagonia. Surrounded by breath-taking natural scenery, the town is a hub for walking and climbing excursions and is known as the National Capital of Trekking in Argentina.

Complete Guide to Camping in El Chalten, Argentinian Patagonia
Laguna de Los Tres is one of the most spectacular sites in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. Camping in the park you can make it here for sunrise.

Camping in El Chalten is a fantastic experience and the best way to experience the mountains and glaciers that make this corner of Patagonia unique. El Chalten is home to some of the best day hikes in Patagonia and there are loads of amazing hikes starting at the town. We rolled out of our tent and started hiking everyday! Check out our detailed Guide to Trekking in El Chalten! There are plenty of awesome camping options in town and in the surrounding park. Many of the campsites offer spectacular views of the two most prominent peaks, Cerro Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. We really enjoyed the vibe in the town, everybody is here to hike and we stayed in several campsites. Many people do one-day routes returning to town every night.

El Chalten town
The little town El Chalten.

Camping in El Chalten

There are several campsites in the town each with a different vibe and things that make it great or not so great. Here are some of the things we look at when choosing a campsite in El Chalten:

  • Kitchen, we did not cook on our camping stoves staying in the campsites in town, is the kitchen big enough for everyone staying in the campsite? Are there enough utensils, pots, pans and stove burners? Camping you may be on a real budget, is there a ‘shared food section’ (area where you leave food you do not want) many camper vans and tourists leave things like olive oil, good coffee, gas etc.
  • Common Area, does the campsite have a nice common area where campers can eat and socialize? We made great friends in these common rooms discussing hiking and sharing travel stories.
  • Showers and Toilets – are they clean and does the showers have enough hot water, a cold shower in freezing weather after a long day hiking is not good.
  • Size, is there enough space not to camp on top of each other
  • Location, is it close to the trailhead? it is nice if you do not have to walk far before or after the hike. Is it close to shops and restaurants?
  • Cost

Campsites in the town El Chalten

El Relincho Camping

Camping El Relincho is an excellent campsite, spacious, great common room, good kitchen, hot showers, central location, quite pricey. It is a large campsite so I assume in high season the facilities will be very busy (common room, bathrooms etc.).

El Relincho Campsite El Chalten
Camping El Relincho is one of the of the most popular campsites in El Chalten, spacious, great common room, good kitchen, hot showers and a central location.

The indoor common area for socializing is good, busy room with many outlets and USB ports. It has a good kitchen with sufficient utilities, but limited utensils (pots, pans etc.). Big spacious campsite, some trees and palisades, but not enough shelter from the wind for tents. Central location on the main avenue of El Chaltén, very close to everything: restaurants, bars, markets, and the trailhead of the National Park.

  • Area to do laundry by hand and washing machines.
  • Bathrooms were clean and had nice hot showers (24h).
  • Electricity at some sites.
  • Barbeque area
  • Luggage storage service.
  • Waste discharge pit for motorhomes and boxes.
  • Price – 11.20$ per person (1200 pesos) plus 3.70$ (400 pesos) per vehicle (camper van). Pay card or cash (it more if you pay by card)

Address: San Martín 545, Z9301 El Chalten, Santa Cruz, Argentina

Tel +543548408964

La Torcida Camping

Camping La Torcida is a small family run campsite with only 20 sites available. The location is nice, very close to the starting point for the hiking trail to Laguna Torre. Located close to the Rio Negro, not much shelter from wind and rain. Common area in the house and a nice kitchen. Dorm room available

Camping La Torcida El Chalten
Camping La Torcida is a small family run campsite in El Chalten with a good location close to the starting point for the hiking trail to Laguna Torre.


  • hot showers, toilets
  • electricity points
  • wifi. 
  • Kitchen, good utilities, limited utensils.
  • Dorm room available
  • Price – $8 per person
  • Location Camping La Torcida
  • Tel +5492966632537 / +54992966632537

El Refugio Camping

Simple campsite, OK camping. Grass spots. Bathrooms are basic, but shower hot. Location in the town center quiet area, good to trek from. Outdoor communal kitchen. Fences/trees for wind shelter

Price – 300pesos/night/person and 100pesos/night/car.

Casa de Cyclistas

Donation, legendary among cyclists in Patagonia. A lady opened her house to any cyclists to stay for free. I spoke to a couple of people, they said it has turned into more of a hostel, a business, you can buy cooked meals. Only one bathroom. A reasonable ‘donation’ is expected for staying here.

casa de cyclistas camping El Chalten
The legendary Casa de Cyclistas camping for donation site in El Chalten

It is very cheap (100pesos per person per night camping), which is great if you are on a very tight budget, however you are literally camping in someone’s small and not very nice back garden. There is no view and there is only 1 toilet/shower for everyone camping, staying in a room and the family. The family are very nice, good place to meet adventurers from all over the world. Will not recommend for more than a night or two.

Campsites in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares

In Parque Nacional Los Glaciares there are some free campsites on hiking routes leading to iconic sights like Mount Fitz Roy, Laguna de los Tres, Cerro Torre and Laguna Capri. These free campsites have very basic facilities. This makes it possible to camp in the park and combine several one day hikes to create your own multi day trek. Because the sites are located close to famous landmarks camping here is the only way to reach famous sites like Laguna de los Tres for sunrise.

These campsites have limited facilities, no light or electricity. There are dry toilets and potable water from a river or stream at each campsite.

Campamento Laguna Capri

Campamento Laguna Capri is the first campsite you will reach hiking from El Chalten on the circuit around Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. Located on the beautiful shores of Lake Capri with an impressive lakefront view of Cerro Fitz Roy. Located a 7 km, 2-hour hike from El Chalten. Nice 1 hour hike to the Cerro Fitz Roy Mirador from here.

Price: Free, can not book

Facilities: Camp toilet, potable water is available from the lake

Campamento Poincenot

Seeing Mount Fitz Roy at sunrise over Laguna de los Tres is one of the most famous images in Patagonia. To reach the lake in time for sunrise you can overnight at Campamento Poincenot.

Located in a forest about 11-kilometres from El Chaltén town the campsite is close to the starting point for ascending to Laguna de los Tres. If you get up 2 hours before sunrise you should have enough time to catch this spectacular sunrise.

Campamento Poincenote in El Chalten
Campamento Poincenote in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, El Chalten has basic facilities, no electricity, lights or running water.

The campsite has two dry toilets, not electricity or lights. A stream provides drinkable water to the campsite. Since the campsite is in a forest there is some protection from the wind.

Campamento Poincenot was very busy the night we camped there and was quite noisy until late.

From Campamento Poincenot, the climb to Laguna de Los Tres is roughly 2 kilometres and around 400 metres’ elevation gain. If you’re going for sunrise, allow at least an hour for the ascent. We set off at 5am for a 6:15am sunrise, and made it just in time!

Price: Free, can not book

Facilities: Camp toilets on site, Potable water available from a stream

Camping de Agostini

This is the campsite closest to Laguna Torre. The tent pitches are just a couple of minutes’ walk from a fantastic view of Cerro Torre over the lake.

Camping de Agostini is about a 9-kilometre hike from El Chaltén, clearly signposted all the way. There are kilometre markers, making it easy to pace your trek.

If you’re taking on a multi-day hike, it’s approximately 17 kilometres’ hiking distance from Campamento Poincenot.

Price: Free, can not book

Facilities: Camp toilets on site, Potable water available from a stream

Tips and Rules for Camping in El Chalten

  • Pack a headlamp, there are no lights in the national park campsites.
  • Get drinking water upstream from camp, don’t go to the bathroom or wash in the water source.
  • Don’t camp anywhere in the national park other than in official campsites;
  • The best sunrises are from the viewpoints don’t miss Fitz Roy and Lago de Los Tres!
  • Pack for all weather very hot to freezing.
  • Remember sunscreen!
  • Get up early, you’ll have the trails and views to yourself. 
  • Get to the campsites early to pick nice spot to pitch your tent.
  • Bring a phone and download Maps.Me, the trails are well mapped.
  • Pack a powerpack for recharging your phone.
  • No fires in the national park
  • Don’t hike alone and keep an eye out, this is puma country.
  • No wild camping, only camp in the official campsites.

Accommodation in El Chalten

El Chalten has a huge range of accommodation to cater for every budget from camping to luxury lodges. Camping is nice, but it is fantastic to return to a warm lodge, have your own bathroom and a comfortable bed after a long day hiking in the chilly Patagonian weather!

Super comfort – Los Cerros Boutique Hotel & Spa, beautiful boutique hotel with amazing views 5 minutes from the trail, breakfast is included.

Destino Sur Hotel & Spa de Montaña – 5 Star luxury hotel, excellent ratings

Mid Budget – Hosteria El Paraiso Alpine-style cabin with panoramic views of Fitz Roy hills. Good value for money.

Backpacker Budget – La Guanaca Nice mountain house with hill views.

What to pack for hiking in El Chalten?

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