Chasing Lions – Amanda Marks {Book Review}

Chasing Lions – Amanda Marks {Book Review}

Chasing Lions – Amanda Marks Book Review

Lion In Africa

Chasing Lions
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Chasing Lions – A 55,000 Mile Journey In Africa

Map Of Africa

If you’re a baby boomer or retiree like myself, do you recall what you were doing in 1991?

I know for myself, I was well into my chosen career and certainly not 🦁 Chasing Lions in Africa, like author – Amanda Marks was doing at that time.

Chasing Lions is a personal memoir of Amanda’s incredible and inspiring – 55,000 mile journey throughout 🌍 Africa.

An amazing story of courage and having the will to take a giant step out of the box. To face a new adventure and extreme challenge, completely unaccustomed to before!

City Account Manager To Chasing Lions In Africa

Lion In Africa

Photo by Marcus Herzberg:

Amanda Marks was a typical University Student in the late 80’s, studying to pursue a normal career, like most everyone else.

She went on to work for a marketing agency, eventually working her way up to an account manager position.

Like so many of us, she always had the urge to do something different and the need to escape from this – so typical lifestyle.

Briefly, she happened upon attending a talk one evening from a speaker who was the director of an Overland Adventure Company.

The rest, shall we say – Is History!

Becoming An Overland Expedition Leader

Chasing Lions Author Amanda Marks

Amanda was so inspired from this speaker and the adventure he presented, she knew this was what she needed and may be after, as an escape from her present situation.

But wait, she didn’t just want to be a paying customer, she wanted to actually work and become an Overland Expedition employee and leader!

Now that’s stepping out of the box and ambition!

After discussions with the company, Amanda began training to obtain her – 🚛 Heavy Goods Vehicle License, Attended 👩 Auto Mechanics Classes & began her nighttime reading in 📖 Diesel Mechanics.

From there, she began working with her employee at – Camp Green in the UK. Here she persevered in this male dominated camp, working on 🚚 heavy duty trucks used in their expeditions abroad.

Chasing Lions Over 55,000 Miles In Remote Africa

African Expedition

Her incredible story will take you into some of the most hostile and remote regions of Africa.

Over 3 years, Amanda had overcome horrendous obstacles facing her as team leader, on these incredible overland adventures.

Africa Expedition 1990's

An expedition and adventure that is definitely not for the faint of heart, but for those seeking a more rugged and realistic experience into the wilds of Africa.

Follow along, as she deals with; truck mishaps, immigration officials, sickness and so much more.

All, that would have any normal person 🏃 running back home as fast as they can!

Stuck In Africa

But there’s also that oh so – unique journey and life experience she has had. One that most of us, only dream of.

Chasing Africa – Recommendations

Paddling In Africa

Amanda’s book takes you on an inspiring adventure, filled with hardships and wonderful everlasting memorable moments.

It is an inspiration to all, to not be afraid to take that leap and follow your dreams!

As one of my most favorite travel quotes says …

“Don’t Think About What They Say … Go See!”

About Amanda Marks

Author Amanda Marks

Based in Suffolk, Amanda is a director of – Tribes Travel along with her husband Guy. An award-winning travel company specializing in – worldwide wildlife and nature holidays.

She is the author of two publications;

📚 Chasing Lions & The True

Below, I’ve listed Amanda’s Official Website for your convenience. You can access much more detailed information on both her publications available for purchase.

Her books are available on print, e-books and audible forms from various favorite distributors.

📙 Amanda Marks – Author

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at

Although my book was provided in collaboration with its author, rest assured all content and opinions are mine and reflect my personal experience only.

📸 Pictures attached, were provided by and with the author’s permission to post in this review.

✨   Did You Know …

“Africa Is The 2nd Largest Continent In The World -In Size & Population.”
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