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Best Ways to Get Around Mallorca


Mallorca is a well-liked vacationer vacation spot owing to its plethora of vacation resort motels, vibrant nightlife in Palma, and varied landscapes – all packed into one particular island. Having said that, one particular error individuals frequently make when visiting Mallorca is considering it is compact, just since it is an island, meaning that Mallorca auto rental with ROIG is a preferred support.


Is Mallorca a walkable island?

The truth is that Mallorca is 3,640 km², and operates nearly 100 km from East to West. But, whilst the island by itself is far from walkable, personal cities are. Palma, which is the biggest town, has a middle stretching all-around 1 km, with diverse neighborhoods branding off, these kinds of as Bons Aires and Son Dameto. It may well be achievable that you are staying in a neighborhood a few kilometers absent, but generally, 90% of the resorts are in the middle district or in the bay adjacent to it.

If you’re obtaining an airport transfer to your hotel and aren’t wanting for numerous excursions into rural parts, relying on your ft is extremely considerably attainable in Mallorca. As well as, if you insert a bicycle to your arsenal, you can explore much and broad – even up mountains – a whole lot much more very easily. Palma is turning out to be increasingly bike-pleasant, as well.

Car rental

Although some of the lesser towns and villages are even more walkable, acquiring there and likely on working day excursions is most effortlessly completed by car or truck. Palma airport is the main position to discover a automobile rental firm, in which you can assume to pay anyplace from €16 upwards. Parking is normally offered but fees and some of the more mature areas of Palma can be tough to generate by with numerous just one-way, slim streets. Nevertheless, a vehicle rental is perfect for individuals looking for the freedom of driving to villages and rural places.


While it’s less difficult to get all over with a moped thanks to it staying smaller and easier to park, it’s a similar tale to the car or truck rental – it’s not desired when keeping in Palma, or even other towns on the island, but can be superior from acquiring concerning them. Plus, the price drops to as minimal as €6 per working day.

General public transportation

Very impressively, there is a bus community around most of the island. Of course, the schedules are limited, with couple of journeys and even considerably less on the weekend. But, for €3, you can get an Intermodal Card and go from city to city fairly simply. There is no rail network on the island, unsurprisingly, but the bus community suffices for most.

Private transport

Yet another possibility is to use a taxi, as these are the most comfy, direct way to get somewhere. You may perhaps spend all over €12 for a 20-moment vacation, but it can range based on the day and time.

Non-public buses are seriously typical on bundle vacations, which can just take you from the airport immediately to the lodge. These are perfect for individuals remaining in the metropolis, and can even be done separately outdoors of a bundle holiday. They are spacious and designed to be capable to store your suitcases, unlike a public bus, and can be more affordable than a taxi.

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