11 Best Private Universities In Nigeria

11 Best Private Universities In Nigeria

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Private universities in Nigeria have continued to expand not only in terms of the number of students but educational attainments as well. Besides, some private universities are ranked some of the best universities in Nigeria.
Therefore, students have a lot of options from the list of over 50 private universities in Nigeria.

While you might want to consider the cost and public awareness of private institutions in Nigeria. You need to be aware of the services too.

Still, doubting that there are top-rated privately owned universities in Nigeria?

This article will guide you on the list of the best private institutions in Nigeria.

History of private institutions in Nigeria

The history of private institutions in Nigeria began in the 90s. A lot of decisions were made on the educational system of the country, especially higher institutions.

Besides, the establishment of private universities was acted upon by faith missions and sole proprietors. This was to provide solutions to the problems facing the educational sector of Nigeria.

Over the years, the number of private universities even built by well-meaning Nigerians has begun to thrive as well. Therefore, the aim of creating privately owned tertiary institutions has been achieved.

The first private university in Nigeria and the year it was established

Thus, Igbenedion University established in 1999 in Okada, Edo State became the first private university in Nigeria. Afterwards, Madonna University was established.

Reasons for establishing private institutions in Nigeria

Private tertiary institutions in Nigeria were built based on the following major reasons;

Safety and Security

Private universities were founded on the concerns of the safety and security of Nigerian students. Moreover, the issue of students riot, cultism, killings and kidnapping was so rampant in the 90s.

Although it is still an issue in public universities, privately owned universities in Nigeria have been able to find a way around security issues.

A call to curb unethical values

Also, there was a visible need to strengthen the behavioural standards among students as well. This is the major reason why faith missions and religious organisations stepped into the game.

Therefore, private universities are viewed as a home for students to not just develop academically but strong moral principles.

A solution to persistent academic strikes in Nigeria

Due to a very disturbing back and forth-between the government and public university staff, strikes have continued to linger in public universities. This can sometimes last for years and generally, it disturbs academic calendars. Thus, a four-year course might last for as long as seven to eight years.

Therefore, as a way to strike a balance and provide quality education, private universities were established in Nigeria.

How many private institutions are there in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, based on reports from the accrediting university body, there are over a hundred and ten private universities.

Are private institutions in Nigeria also accredited by the Nigerian University Commission?

Yes, private universities are also licensed to operate in Nigeria by the Nigerian University Commission. Thus, standards have been set to check and balance the modes of operation of these schools in Nigeria.

Perks of attending a private university in Nigeria

Balanced academic calendar

Attending a private university in Nigeria can guarantee you a balanced academic year. This means that if you signed up for a four-year course, you will get that.

In addition, there are no strike actions, delays or unnecessary lagging behind in private universities.

Access to genuine academic mentors and counsellors

A top private university in Nigeria provides you access to career mentorships, workshops, seminars and many more. Also, within the lecture halls, you can interact with your coursemates as well as lecturers more easily.

This is because of the number of students in a class which is usually in a more controlled setting for an easier learning process.

Religious support for private mission universities

Private universities owned by religious bodies are known for helping students grow spiritually. This is done by ensuring that religious beliefs are upheld by students to instil good morals in them.

Monitored academic progress

Academic progress is easily monitored in private universities in Nigeria. Students can be counselled and solutions are given to solve academic challenges.

Safety and Security

As mentioned earlier, one major concern of private universities in Nigeria is the safety of students. Hence, there have been methods in place to ensure that the lives of students are a top priority.

Certified accommodation on campus

Where students live off campus in some cases in public institutions, private universities provide hostels for students.

These hostels are located within the university and provisions are made for the needs of students on campus.

Future career connections

Attending a private institution in Nigeria assures you of a solid future career connection. Although, it is relative depending on how you view this.

However, you have the chance to relate with other high-class students, and professionals in the field and many more promising perks.

List of 11 Best Private Universities in Nigeria

When comparing the best private universities in Nigeria, one major fact you need is a record of success since their inception. With this in view, here is a list of leading private universities in Nigeria:

Covenant University, Ota

Covenant University is owned by the Christian mission known as Living Faith Church. It was founded in the year 2002 and is situated on a large expanse of land in Ota, Ogun State. It is one of the best private Universities in Nigeria.

Over the years, Covenant university has been ranked as the best private university in Nigeria. This is on account of study options, awarded degrees and participation in world-leading competitions.

Also, Covenant university offers courses in various fields and partners with outstanding institutions to provide scholarships for students.

However, since it is owned by a Christian mission, there are strict rules on morals, dressing and lifestyle in place. In all, Covenant university offers admission into faculties of science, theology, arts, humanities and engineering.

Covenant university awards over 5000 students bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and even doctorates annually. Plus, tuition fees at Covenant university are nearly a million naira per year.

Babcock University, Remo

Babcock University founded in 1999, is another excellent private university in Nigeria. It stands out as one of the best in educational opportunities, turn out of graduates and many more.

Babcock university owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church is situated in Remo, Ogun State. Also, Babcock is a private university known for a large number of students up to 10,000 studying all degrees.

This ranges from undergraduate to postgraduate studies and payment of tuition is flexible at the university. The tuition fees at Babcock university differ per course of study, between 500,000 Naira and a million Naira in total.

Therefore, Babcock has continued to excel by consistently improving its various faculties. These are the Faculty of Natural Science, College of Clinical Sciences, Agriculture, Engineering, Law and so on.

Redeemers University Ede, Osun State

Redeemers University, established in 2005, is a leading extension of learning, spiritual and character development. It is owned by the Redeemed Christian Church of God, one of the foremost Christian churches worldwide.

Also, Redeemers University is notable for its balanced academic calendar and an average rating of tuition fees.

Therefore, since this is a mission school, there are rules on discipline, morals, lifestyle and dining. However, this university in Ede, Osun State also provides avenues for recreational activities and career advancement.

Additionally, Redeemers University awards undergraduate to postgraduate degrees in various fields. This includes Science, Social Sciences/ Humanities and Administration.

Bowen University, Iwo Osun State

Bowen University in Iwo, Osun State is owned by the Nigerian Baptist Convention. It is known for its large number of students up to 15000 in different faculties of the university.

Also, the university has a standard teaching hospital situated in Oyo State for training medical students. There is a nursing school there as well and overall, the tuition fees are quite affordable.

Furthermore, Bowen University outshines in all disciplines, instilling morals and inter-university competitions.

The various faculties in the university are; Medical Sciences, Law, Management, Agriculture and Humanities.

Madonna University, Okija

Madonna University in Okija, Anambra State is one of the oldest private universities in Nigeria. Every year, Madonna university makes it to the top among the best private universities in Nigeria.

Madonna is owned by the Catholic Church and for over two decades, has produced thousands of graduates.

Since its advent in 1999, Madonna university has expanded its Faculties of Law, Medicine, Health Sciences, Administration, Arts and Humanities. Timely innovations, training and experience have distinguished Madonna university amongst others.

Therefore, the university also records the intake of thousands of students in various departments and for diverse degrees.

Bells University of Science and Technology, Ota

The slogan of Bells University in Ota which is “Chords of Knowledge” is its reality. It was founded in 2004 by Nigeria’s past president and political leader Olusegun Obasanjo.

The University is known for academic excellence, creativity, discipline and collaboration.

Bells University has 3 colleges namely; the College of Engineering and Environmental Sciences, the College of Natural and Applied Sciences, and the College of Management Sciences.

Over the past years, Bells has also produced graduates in their numbers and continues to intensify all efforts to advance the institution.

Igbenedion University, Okada

Igbenedion university is the first private university in Nigeria. It was founded in 1999 after thorough reviews of Nigeria’s tertiary education sector.

Thus, it has progressed tremendously from the time it was established. Several professionals in different fields have graduated from this prestigious university.

This is because all the Faculties and Colleges at the university are top-notch. These include; Law, Engineering, Arts and Social Science, Medicine, Business and Management Studies, Pharmacy, Medicine, and Natural and Applied Sciences.

The favourable news is that in all areas, Igbenedion university does not relent in providing quality education and outstanding aid to students.

Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti

Afe Babalola University, established in 2009 by a distinguished legal practitioner is one of the best private institutions in Nigeria.

Although relatively new and advancing, the university is known all over the country for producing one of the best graduates.

Also, the following colleges are in operation; College of Engineering, College of Social Management, College of Engineering, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, and College of Law.

American University of Nigeria, Yola

Owned by Atiku Abubakar, Nigeria’s past vice president and political leader, American University is unique in existence.

The University is known all over Africa and offers various courses and degrees. Also, the university admits up to 2000 students yearly from all over the world.

Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo State

Ajayi Crowther University is owned by the Anglican Church mission. It was named after Nigeria’s foremost Christian missionary, Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther.

Furthermore, since it was established in 2005, it has always been noted among the leading private universities in Nigeria. In addition, Ajayi Crowther University is known for excellence, affordable tuition and moral discipline among students.

The university offers courses in the following areas: Faculties of Humanities, Social Science, Management Science and Natural Sciences.

Joseph Ayo Babalola University(JABU), Osun State

Popularly known as JABU, Joseph Ayo Babalola University is located in Osun State. It was inaugurated in 2006 by the Christ Apostolic Church and named after the founding overseer of the church.

As a Christian mission-owned private university, Ayo Babalola University has about thousands of students, in different faculties of the university. Afe Babalola University is also listed as one of the best private institution in Nigeria.

The faculties available are; Natural Sciences and Social Sciences, Management Sciences, Humanities, Law, Agricultural Sciences, and Environmental Sciences.

JABU awards degrees for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in educational and religious studies.

Joseph Ayo Babalola University is known for the spiritual and academic improvement of students. Also, the private university is noted as among the best for the availability of tuition support and the development of moral values.

Finally, choosing a private university in Nigeria means more expensive tuition and restricted lifestyles. However, this can be summed up in the reality that you have to choose a struggle.

Moreover, it is mainly between a swift academic year and a prolonged stay in school. Also, with the numerous benefits attached, I believe that you now understand the need for a proper educational decision.

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